Shag Pile

Use the links below to view specific details on shag pile rugs available at Westam Rugs, along with interactive image galleries.


Aleyna Range Aleyna is a soft touch, micro fibre shaggy rug, hand tufted in China Available in sizes:  75 X 145, 115 X 165, 150 X 220, and 220 X 290. {gallery 935}

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Tango Shaggy

Tango Shaggy Range Polyester shaggy rug – MADE IN CHINA Sizes: 60x90cm, 70x140cm, 115cmx165cm, 150cmx220cm, 190cmx280xm, and 220x320cm {gallery 213}

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Medcezir Range Available in the following sizes:  80 X 150, 120 X 170, 160 X 230, and 200 X 290. {gallery 971}

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