Other Styles

Use the links below to view specific details on other styles of rugs available at Westam Rugs, along with interactive image galleries.


This range of rugs come in neutral tones with or without borders, featuring a selection of plain grainy textures and designs, offset with more strikingly coloured borders.  They are rubber backed and made from  heatset polypropylene.  They come in a large range of sizes: 50 X 80; 67 X 140; 67 X 235; 67 X roll; 80 X 150; 80 X 300; 160 X 230; 200 X 290 and 240 X 330. {gallery 1070}

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Zap Range Non Slip Rubber Backing, Nylon Print, MADE IN EGYPT Sizes: Bathsets, 50x75cm, 57x100cm, 67x140cm, and 67x30m rolls {gallery 187}

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Leather Patch

Leather Patch Range Hand made. Leather from India. Sizes: 160 x 230cm {gallery 141}

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1oo% jute rug perfect for indoor or outdoor.

Available in sizes:  190 X 280, 230 X 320, 150 X 220, 240 X 240, 200 X 200 and 150 X 150.

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Perfect for indoor/outdoor use this range of jute rugs is a flatweave product made in India. Natural tones available in a range of sizes.


This range of indoor/outdoor rugs features modern designs in neutral colours and comes in a range of sizes to suit most areas.


These indoor or outdoor rugs are easy care and more fade resistant than natural fibre rugs. They come in a range of sizes and designs.


Soft to feel because of its frise and woven piles this range of rugs is suitable for an outdoor area.